Interested in becoming a sponsor of The 2017 NEXT User Conference? Just send us a message!

Sponsorship of the Human Element NEXT Client Conference will give you and your organization access to network with our clients and share your products or service. Attendees will include Magento Enterprise, Community, and Cloud clients, as well as BigCommerce clients. Sponsors will also receive the exclusive opportunity to attend the Digital Summit Detroit Kickoff Party the evening of September 11. Location to be determined.

We are expecting approximately 50 current Human Element clients. We also expect 50-200 Digital Summit Detroit attendees at the Monday evening kickoff party. Digital Summit Detroit kickoff party attendees will be Digital Marketing specialists, managers and executives from throughout Southeastern Detroit.

Sponsorship for the Next Conference includes:

  • Exclusive technology sponsorship in your vertical (ie: hosting, search, etc).
  • Speaker position at the event
  • Sponsor position on the Next Conference homepage
  • Sponsor logo on all marketing/email communication with Next conference attendees
  • Sponsor logo on Next Conference T-shirt
  • Sponsor logo on all Next Conference signage
  • Swag in Next Conference attendee tote bags
  • Swag at Digital Summit Detroit Kickoff Party

Current NEXT Sponsors